Since 1996, COLORS FOR LIFE represents Monticolor’s engagement to directing its products and the production-connected activities to a new model of development.

It’s an eco-friendly and ethical project of natural yarns for fashion; a contribution to our environment and global health that turns into a philosophy of sustainable organic product, from seed to finished garment.

With its range COLORS FOR, Monticolor has supported the ECO-PHILOSOPHY for more than 10 YEARS and our mission is to create recycled and organic yarns with a high fashion and luxurious content.

Fashion becomes environmentally sustainable effortless.



Recycling plastic is crucial nowadays more than ever to avoid its dispersion in the environment.

Monticolor has designed fancy yarns with HIGH-QUALITY RECYCLED POLYESTER obtained from post-consumer PLASTIC BOTTLES and rom the plastic collected from the sea.

In Italy, for a long time, post-consumer clothes and cotton from packaging process waste have been recovered. This gives life to our UPCYCLED COTTON. The best answer to the constant increase in production of clothing.

Our concrete commitment to environmental protection, respect for Mankind and economical sustainability


Our ORGANIC COTTON is grown combining old and new knowledge. It reduces the impact on the environment and on farmers’ health.

Environment respect thanks to the employ of optimized dyeing technologies and process which reduce pollution and preserve the water resources.

For Monticolor, GOTS is not only organic cotton, but also ORGANIC WOOL. Organic wool comes from certified breeds where the natural living condition of the animals are fully preserved.

Animals do not undergo painful treatments and practices; their wool is MULESING FREE and they are shorn with care in order to guarantee their no-cruelty wellness.



Our commitment also passes through the certified post-consumer RECYCLED CASHMERE. The cashmere comes from used sweaters, washed and brought back to fibre status in order to be re-used into the spinning cycle. Monticolor tells the story of a noble raw material that is in no way wasted and comes back to a second life.



Monticolor is an active Member of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) community, the largest cotton sustainability program e in the world.

BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.



Monticolor has also joined the DETOX project and it has eliminated all emissions of dangerous chemicals from its production chains.